COVID-19 Resources Page

As the country continues to be affected by COVID-19, we have gathered a number of multi-lingual resources to help our many different communities in the Kansas City metro area.

We will continue to update this page as more information and resources become available.

Our Members

We will connect with our community through work that is done in schools, refugee resettlement agencies, migrant
farmworker programs, health departments, clinics, hospitals and other community-based programs.

Our Efforts

Our efforts are guided by a multi-disciplinary team of local leaders who have been guiding immigrant and refugee programs in the Greater Kansas City community since 2016.

Our Community

We believe that meeting the needs of immigrant and refugee communities requires dynamic collaborations across service settings and disciplines – and that the time is right for this network to grow new ideas and solutions that work for our communities.

A Network for Learning & Action

Kansas City has launched a new learning network — Communities Concerned for Immigrants and Refugees — open to health,
social services other community members interested in strengthening the health and well-being refugee and immigrant communities.

To that end we strive to become a recognized welcoming community for all who live in the Greater Kansas City area.


Upcoming Events

 We invite you to participate in a learning network for organizations working to support better health and well-being for immigrant and refugee families in the KC metro area.