Census 2020

How to engage the hard to count populations

Census day is April 1, 2020. There are still many questions about the count, but the importance of making sure we count everybody, including our immigrant and refugee families cannot be understated.

We hope the US Census Bureau presentation was able to answer some of those questions. Below, you will find short video clips from our presenters and some resources you may need to help reach some of these vulnerable populations, which may hesitate to participate in this decade's census.


Steven Hale, Senior Partnership Specialist, Dallas Regional Census Center

Steven Hale’s role as a senior partnership specialist for the US Census Bureau is to plan, develop and coordinate the partnership agreements to ensure activities at all levels are carried out; address questions, concerns, and issues related to current and potential partners and stakeholders; establish partnership agreements with federal, state and local governments, and/or local businesses and community groups to develop specific strategies to eliminate enumeration barriers in specific regions in support of the Decennial Census; and develop presentations, give briefings, conduct meetings and promote partnerships.

Census Panelists:

Marlene Nagel, Community Development Director, Mid-America Regional Council

Marlene Nagel is a community development director for the Mid-America Regional Council, a position she has held since 1982.Ms. Nagel is responsible for overseeing MARC’s work in public safety, emergency services, and homeland security; solid waste planning; local government services; public affairs; workforce development, homelessness data systems, housing, and land use planning; and health care access and chronic disease prevention.

Edgar Galicia, executive director, Central Avenue Betterment Association (CABA)

Central Avenue Betterment Association (CABA), a nonprofit dedicated to increasing and maintaining the quality of life of community members. Promoting community pride, leadership, entrepreneurship, business excellence and above all, healthy living is how the CABA Team delivers on its mission.


Diosselyn Tot, Lead Community Organizer, El Centro, Inc.

Diosselyn Tot joined El Centro in January of 2018. She came to the US at age 6, began her community work at 12 years old, she is a Kauffman Alumni, and in 2017 a graduate of the University of Kansas. Diosselyn has devoted countless hours working on integrated voter engagement, citizenship clinics, DACA renewals, Know Your Rights, and Preparemonos Clinics. Her community engagement work has also included art, green, and entrepreneurial initiatives.


Shape Your Future: Census presentation by Carlos A. Urquilla-Diaz, Melinda Stanley and Steve Hale.

GRANT OPPORTUNITIES: Metro Kansas City Census Equity Fund

The Metro Kansas City Census Equity Fund is a regional initiative established by a coalition of private and public foundations to maximize participation in the 2020 Census by supporting community-based efforts to educate, engage and mobilize residents who are likely to be hard-to-count.



Learn more about the policy and oaths the US Census Bureau adheres to for guarding sensitive census data.